Mens Sex Toys Product Reviews

With all the male sex toys on the market today, it can always be a little confusing which one to buy. There are different big names and models of male vibrators with each having their own pros and cons. To give you an idea of ??what most men today buy when it comes to male sex toys, the top four products have been listed below, taking into account different price ranges. Research has been carried out on a wide variety of toys, by gathering information from all the major stores, businesses and warehouses selling adult products.

The four best male sex toys are as follows:

1) At the top we have Jenna Haze vibrators. Made by CyberSkin, this is a true masturbation cast of Jenna Haze’s own private part porn sensation. It is made of a very soft texture, giving it a true look and feel. The masturbation also has a five-speed vibrate control to give it a throbbing feeling.

2) The next line up is CyberSkin Vibrator. A big seller among men just because it feels like life. It is supplied with a removable vibrator bullet that slides into the canal for extra fun. It also comes with a personal lubricant to further enhance sexual feelings.

3) The LoveClone Push Box is a good value for money product. Compared to the previous two, it is by far the most “real” in terms of appearance. Again, it has a vibrator bullet that can be removed, only this time it has multi-vibrating speed to help enhance sexual simulation.

4) Following just behind is Patricia Parris’ LoveClone 2 vibrator. This is one of the cheaper male vibrators on the market, but still works well as a sexual simulation device. These are known to have “magic meat” which gives all the qualities of feel and touch. Vibrating bullets are also provided to provide a more real sexual feeling.


Based on the four products listed above, it can still be tough to decide which one is the best. Now imagine having ALL the products to choose from, it will be really hard to decide and know what to buy. These reviews are to give you an indication of what sells and pleases others, and hopefully make your buying decision a lot easier.

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